Saffron James

Class of 2020

Trek Day Two: Urubamba Views


JULY 2017


The second day of our Inca Jungle trek was definitely the most difficult. On the other hand, it was also the most interesting.

The terrain for the first half of the day was a lot of steep ups and downs. Even though the hiking was tiring the view was more than worth it.  

We had wonderful views of the Urubamba River and the other surrounding mountains. We stopped to catch our breath and admire the amazing views. They were so breathtaking I felt like I could have sat and looked at them for hours without getting bored. Getting to lunch as still a huge  relief despite the picture-perfect vistas.

Saffron near the summit.

Lunch as always was delicious. There were multiple courses each presented beautifully with vegetables carved into different shapes.

After lunch we were told that the afternoon part of our hike would be flat, staying along the riverbank. This was a little misleading. It was mostly flat, but there were still multiple steep parts, as well as a little bit of rock climbing. The view from the bottom of the mountain was just as beautiful as the one from the top. The river surrounded by mountains and lush greenery was very picturesque. Instead of rushing along to be done with the hike I tried to take my time and enjoy the scenery. I took so many pictures because I never want to forget the natural beauty of that area.

“They were so breathtaking I felt like I could have sat and looked at them for hours without getting bored.”

At the end of the day we arrived at the hot springs which were a much needed break to relax and unwind after a hard, tiring day of hiking.


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