A lot of solid starts to the year! For some, time to think strategically about being successful here:

  1. Failure to communicate remains the best strategy to discover failure and despair.
  2. Procrastination is still evil, isn’t it? Build a reading time into your routine.
  3. Remember you can post up to 150% of required posts on chisnell.com!  That’s an easy way to catch up as MP1 heads to a close. Podcasts AND posts can really raise an average!
  4. All substantive posts count! So what if you missed a Friday night? Why rush?  Just do them casually over the weekend and you are actually 5-6 days ahead!
  5. Office Hours Begin for extra opportunities to talk through topics you are interested in!  Tuesdays at 7-8 pm!
  6. You know how I start class discussions: “What do you want to talk about?” Bring ideas and take charge of the conversation! Remember that your active class participation is the best preparation for the May Exam!
       RO AP Lit: The Canon
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