I’ve been teacher since 1986, educated through Eastern Michigan University. Here are some ways to see what work I’m up to.

Steve Chisnell

English Teacher, Royal Oak High School

School Emailsteven.chisnell@royaloakschools.org
Regular Gmailsteve.chisnell@gmail.com


W hat am I reading?  What do I recommend?  What book lists do I keep?  Here is a massive pile of lists, reviews, and even essay prompts for classic works. I also keep a list here of authors I have rejected as worthy of publishing!  My lists of sources for various projects can also be found here along with recommendations for college reading for students.


W ith students and without students, I have been exploring as many places as I can afford.  Here are pages, posts, and pics on the more than 30 countries I have visited.  Model UN and Interact trips are here, along with those supported by grants I’ve received. I’ve traveled on study grants to Cuba, Nepal, India, and Japan.


I work harder and harder to be environmentally conscious in my work, home, and travels. Everywhere I have traveled, it has been easy to see the impact not just of climate change but of wasteful behavior.  Here are lessons I’ve learned, practices I maintain, and goals I struggle to keep, whether in recycling or nutrition and health.


Here are my main published writings online, from my personal blog on culture criticism and travel to my news op-eds and professional essays.