What I'm Reading and Recommending

I’ve been building so many different kinds of reading lists, it’s becoming hard to keep track.  Hence, I have re-organized all of my lists to this central place.  Hope this is helpful!   Some of these pages you can add to and revise, as well!

Steve's bookshelf: currently-reading

The Bastard of Istanbul
Many say that Shafak's work is a good place to start with Turkish literature, and this story of relationships in Istanbul which are overshadowed by ancient curses and cultural taboos sounds fascinating.
Conscientious Objections: Stirring Up Trouble About Language, Technology and Education
I've been looking forward to getting to this for some time! Postman's biting culture criticism turns to educational questions in the use of faddish technology and wonders about a teacher's and school's role in transmitting or defending ...
American Gods
Have been waiting to read this for some years. Always interested in a re-mythologizing of our contemporary space...


Book Recommendations


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Interestingly, the horror from Stephen King's Revival is less from the "beastie" at its heart than from the consequences of human choices, and that is at it should be. Here--as he has in From a Buick 8, The Mist, and some screenplays--Ki...


John Dies at the End


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Someone wrote that Wong's novel is like Lovecraft if he was into fart jokes, and I balk at adding anything more accurate. Drawn to his book because of his excellent writing on Cracked, I am not surprised that the writer-Wong -unleashe...


The Left Hand of Darkness


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I realize why I have missed LeGuin: she is unapologetic about the honesty of her characters and the immersion in an uncomfortable culture. Winter is not only unspeakably cold but gender-neutral; this is reason enough to find the culture ...


The Fault in Our Stars


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The rest of the world is reading Green, so I felt obliged. I see the appeal: emotionally poignant situations set for characters too quick-witted and ironic for reality. Both main characters, Hazel and Gus, connect to readers because th...


The Everything History Of The Bible Book: From Divine Inspiration to Modern-Day Discoveries--a Complete Reference (Everything


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Donley's connections and eagerness to prove all the events of the Bible as factual are both facetious and facile. Anyone, in his view, who views the Bible as allegory or morality tale is a "critic." He mistakes out-of-contextual correla...


The Strange Library


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More a curiosity than story or enriching read, the narrative is a return to the odd (and sometimes Oedipal-ly disturbing) Murakami, thoroughly enriched by the impressionistic art of Ossian Brown. After the mostly colorless Colorless Tsu... Share book reviews and ratings with Steve, and even join a book club on Goodreads.