The Roost

Drink Coffee.  Save the World.

Our Goal

To provide a space for student gatherings, art, music, service, Raven gear, and good food and drink.  The cafe  will sell only local, organic, or fair trade products—we want to do our part to start your day healthy and be better to the environment! What’s more, every penny of profit from The Roost goes to one or more charities. Check our board for details of what charity you are supporting with your purchase.


  •   Room 155
  •   Monday – Friday        7:10 – 7:50
  •   Closed Late Start Wednesdays
  •   And for Special Programs

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Our Coffees, Teas, and Energy Drinks

Why bother to sell responsible products?

The Roost commits itself to providing products that meet as many of these as we can negotiate, all while keeping costs lower than your local Starbucks.

Fair Trade

FairtradeFair Trade means that everyone who was involved in the production of the coffee has earned a wage that justifiably supports their families.  Especially necessary for developing countries, we reject poverty wages and indentured labor. Can traditional coffee claim the same?


organicOrganic products employ no pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals in their production. Since coffee is imported from all over the world, laws vary over what is used on traditional coffees.

Shade Grown

shadegrown1Shade Grown coffees reject deforestation as a method for growing. Shade grown coffees support biodiversity, they support small farming, and they taste better!


locally-grownLocally-produced goods support neighborhood businesses. More, they reduce the cost of shipping and gasoline, which is better for the environment.

?????????????? Roost coffees are Michigan-roasted in Leelanau. All are Fair Trade and Shade Grown coffees. The regular brews are organic, as well.  We sell by the cup, by the bag, and by the urn!
zhenaZhena’s Teas are organic, fair trade, and sustainably farmed by hand.
feel250Feel energy drinks are made in Royal Oak!  The caffeine is naturally sourced from green coffee beans, and the drink has no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, and no high-fructose corn syrup. It’s low calorie, and it offers energy without the artificial rush and crash of regular energy drinks.

Why Will Roost Never Sell Bottled Water?

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