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Model UN & Interact Service Trip

TBA! A Model UN and Interact Advocacy Trip

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This section of the site covers all my larger trips with and without students.  These are only bits and pieces, though!  If you would like to know more about the trips or see more photos, let me know. 

Recent Trip Posts

Pole, Pole

Pole, Pole

STEVE CHISNELL — And then through the too-seldom-parted clouds of this late rainy season, Kili’s silhouette drew itself against the horizon. Tanzania is a country marked by moments like this one, something iconic or mesmerizing,

Tanzania’s History and Togetherness

Tanzania’s History and Togetherness

HENRY SMITH — Modern Tanzanian society cannot be understood without understanding its postcolonial history, which was defined by its experiment in socialism, ujamaa, which is the Swahili word for “collective economics.”

The Common Sense

The Common Sense

LANI CHISNELL — For a first-time traveler to the “developing world,” I’ve struggled not to impose my own values around the definition of the quality of life, but to listen–carefully–and to learn the lessons perhaps I haven’t even considered. But…

Trips to be added:

   1999:     Ireland2000:  Scotland2001: Italy/Greece   2002:     Japan   2003:  Alaska, Canada2003: Hungary2004: Costa Rica2005: India and Ladakh2006: Scandinavia
2007: Dominica    2008:      China    2008:   Iceland2009: Northern Ireland     2009:      Nepal2009: American  Road Trip I     2010:       Peru 2011: Cuba & Belize  2012:    Turkey
2013: Guatemala2013: American Road Trip 2    2014:    Hawaii2015: Costa Rica2016: Cuba2016: Italy2017: Peru2018: Tanzania2019:    Bigfoot Hunt   (Pacific NW)
2020: Eastern Europe

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