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Ever wonder why Instagram makes all of the food recipes seem fast, simple, and efficient? We certainly noted the possible deception and decided to put the same trendy recipes to the test by trying to do them ourselves. If you would like to experience the reality of making these tasty foods, then come and watch our videos! We provide a practical review of these dishes and hope to give you an insight of the process!

THE COOKING CREW: Katie, Abby, Nadia, Kristin, and Caroline

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: iMovie, Movavi Video Editor

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In our first video, we made Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies! It was a great recipe and they tasted really good! 


If you want to see us attempt to make Strawberry Cheescake Macarons, then watch this video! The results were very interesting, and it may have proved that we aren't the best at following instructions... 


Do the words pizza and waffles intrigue you? If so, click on this video to see us combine the two! 


We made an all time favorite: Mac n' Cheese! If you want to see us make this form of comfort food using only three ingredients, then watch this video!

In this video, we put a twist on brownies, by adding cookie dough! Cookie dough makes everything better, if it's made correctly...