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NOLA Bound

NOLA Bound

What does it require to survive 17 storms in the last 12 years? 21 in the last 20? I hope once again for us to learn from them, to gain some perspective, to help where we can.

Selfie Schtick

Selfie Schtick

Google’s app highlights our civilization’s artistic accomplishments, the most profound expressions and scholarship from the last 8000 years. We’re using it for selfies.

On Frozen Dinners

On Frozen Dinners

I liked being called smart. Who doesn’t? And, so long as I didn’t have to think too hard about my purchase, I would be a Smart One. Cool.

Achieving Consummate Asshood

Achieving Consummate Asshood

Teen Tribe appears to be more punishment of spoiled white privilege through hardship and isolation. Here, however, they are sent to live as different indigenous tribes do; in other words, their “punishment” is to live the customary lives of the Other.









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