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Alien Thoughts

Alien Thoughts

It struck me that part of the wonder from the story is the absence of alien antagonism. Abductions are mysterious, not malevolent, It’s a story of a search, not a triumph over evil. We have, in this story, really nothing to fear.

Shoot into the Wind

Shoot into the Wind

Florida is a Stand Your Ground state, after all. And while it seems a small and innocent bit of satire amidst the ongoing destruction, it should not surprise us that Americans are–indeed–shooting at the storm. How many do it in an earnest desire to drive away the wind?

Those Who Know Not the Sea

Those Who Know Not the Sea

Most of us understand the term “odyssey” to be a time of adventurous journey, patterned after the classical quest of the Odyssey, the epic by the Greek Homer. Such a definition is hardly revealing, however, and it potentially misses a level of significance for all of us.

Spells of Protection

Spells of Protection

We can read this deliberate ambiguity in a number of ways: the particular puzzled psychoses of repressed females, for instance, or the dysfunctional power relationships within families; the self-struggling identities of adolescent development or even the unreasonable demands of an outside world to extract simple clarity from complex humanity.









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