Grace Hasley

Class of 2021


Tuesday was my very first full work day of the relief trip and it was very eventful. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many kind people and see so much wildlife. We painted a man’s house whose name was Buddy. He had no idea that we were coming and we were able to surprise him with our help and support. Since it is my first time going on the trip, I didn’t realize how satisfying  my work would make me feel.


Photos by Steve Pingston

First, we cleaned up the forest near his house. It was nice to help out Buddy’s property as well as the environment. Next, the painting began. Buddy wanted his house painted white with forest green edging. His house was unpainted and the wood was very worn. I was very excited to paint and make the house look so much brighter.

To paint this house, we had to go on tall ladders and walk on pieces of wood up off the ground. It was a little scary to be up high while painting. I told myself that I wanted to help this kind man because I know he as been through a lot so I had to keep going. My sister and I had fun painting together on the ladders and that made it easier to ignore the fact that I was up pretty high off the ground.

During this whole experience, I saw so many things that are pretty uncommon in Michigan. Buddy’s house is right across from a river. We were able to see a few alligators in the water. Buddy also had a goat that we had a lot a fun with and made the day pretty comical. Being in a different state made this so much fun. I can see so many new things as I help people, and it’s such an amazing experience.