Ethan Nowakowski

Class of 2020


This trip was a great experience and offered many opportunities to help other people, while benefiting ourselves as well.  Everyone pushed themselves to show what they can truly do, and we were able to make a huge impact on people’s lives that were affected by the hurricane.  The work days were very strenuous and difficult in the heat and the humidity but everyone powered through and made a big difference.

The first and second work days I was able to help by removing overgrown plants and small trees from someone’s backyard, and also work on someone’s deck separating vines from lights.  Right away at the end of the first day we were able to notice a big change in the look of peoples yards and the visual appeal of the people’s properties increased a lot.  At the end of the second day, a lady surprised us with cupcakes to show her gratitude towards us.
The third and fourth day a few other guys and I worked on improving an already existing privacy fence around a lady’s house, and also power washing the dirt and debris off of steps and a deck.  When we finished the fence after two days of hard work it looked great.  We straightened the entire thing out and made the fence even with itself all the way around. We were very proud of what we had done. 

This trip was a great experience, and I was able to learn to appreciate what I have a lot more.  It was a lot of fun and we were able to help out a lot of people, and bring even more hope to the lower 9th Ward.  Robert Green showed us around the community and the houses were very unique in design and everyone is very close to each other which is a very good trait to have especially when going through something like a hurricane.  I am very grateful to go on the trip and I definitely will go back in years to come.