Kelli Bracken

Interact Advisor


Day 3 is in the books and our bus is headed back to camp. We are exhausted after another long day of work and fun in New Orleans! 

Today, my team took on the task of clearing overgrown trails in Fontainebleau State Park. We lopped branches, learned to use machetes, felled dead trees, and had an absolute blast in the process! Afterwards, we had the privilege of “shrimpin’” alongside Buddy and Aaron Greco on their boat. What a beautiful evening! What gracious hosts!

Tomorrow morning my team will head back down to the Lower Ninth Ward to complete our projects at Mrs. Fletcher’s house. Just yesterday, we cleared out a giant cypress tree in her backyard that fell during Hurricane Katrina, power washed her decks, weeded her yard, and prepped her deck railing for paint. It’s incredible what a little team work and a lot of motivation to lend a hand can do!

I honestly cannot fully express the pride that I have in this bunch of kiddos. They are incredibly passionate about helping the community and driven to affect real change. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish tomorrow!