Emily Belford and Isabella LaPorte work through the rain and mud to keep the job going. 

So far the weather has been comfortable enough for us to work in. But today it rained, A lot. My group is working on rebuilding fences and cleaning up the debris for a horse ranch, but the weather today made it really hard to accomplish much. By sometime around 11 AM it started raining, first a light drizzle that we kept working through, but then it come down super hard.

When the hard rain hit we couldn’t really do much anymore, since our electric power tools would get ruined, so we had to call it a day at around 2 o’clock. We did get to build some parts of the fence though. The rain put a grumpy mood in some of us because we were cold, so we went to pet the horses.

One of the farm owners, Liz, was so kind and generous that she went out to Dunkin Donuts and got us hot chocolate. We were so grateful that she did that for us. It really brightened our moods. But it was hardly enough to rid us of our wet clothes and the awful stench. But as usual, after a nice hot shower at a local racquetball club everyone was cleaned and ready for dinner.

Today was very special because the locals from the church cooked dinner for us. The meal consisted of bbq chicken and mac&cheese. It was an amazing experience to get to talk to the churchgoers who were affected by the hurricane. They were all very happy for the service we are providing to their community. Talking to them really made me happy and I feel really glad that what I’m doing here is really making a difference in the lives of many.

-Emily Belford


Starting our third day of work with the knowledge of rain on the forecast my mood was gloomy to match the weather. I was tired and wanted 5 more minutes from the moment my eyes opened. At breakfast it was announced that we would be moving to a new worksite today. New worksites are always fun because you get to see all the untouched damage. This brightened my mood and made me excited for the upcoming day. My group and I trudged through the unforgiving weather to cut down tree after tree, taking a break only 3 times.

About an hour before departure from our site we got called into a new site about two doors down. We walked over and cut down more trees. The day was the hardest yet I would say due to the tough conditions, but after our room temperature showers and rushed hair washing we boarded the bus and one of our chaperones announced to everyone that we had done amazing work today. It was so rewarding to hear that our hard work was not unnoticed. It makes the day feel worth it and sleep so much more enjoyable.

-Isabella LaPorte