AP Lit


Mr. Chisnell

Summer Set-Up To Do List

Complete by June 3

1. Read Flatland

Complete in July. You should have received a copy. Extras are in Room 105. Or download it by clicking the book icon.

Flatland Resources

2. Change Your School Password (5 mins)

  • Passwords expire every 60-90 days.
  • You need your password for Moodle (same as your Gmail!).
  • If it expires this summer, you =  😥
  • Or use:

Password Reset

3. Take a Survey! (10 mins.)

Tell me who you are and what you need. Also help choose our books and field trips!

4. Enroll in Moodle: The End of Theory (5 mins)

Needed for the online summer work, you will also find a direct link from the AP Lit page, from royaloakschools.org, but not on Moodle.com! (Use your school email for username: (“roylastnamefirstinitial#” but no @rosd.org.)

6. Set up Google Drive Folder (10 mins.)

Share it with chisnells@royaloakschools.org. Name the folder “LastNameFirstName APLit,” please. The summer essay will be turned in here. Follow the tutorial for help.

Complete these set-up tasks by June 3.
Total set-up time: about 35 minutes
Total happiness: boundless