AP Lit


Mr. Chisnell

Summer Set-Up To Do List

Complete by June 12

1. Take a Survey! (15 mins.)

Tell me who you are and what you need. Also help choose our books and field trips!


2. Change Your School Password (5 mins)

  • Passwords expire every 60-90 days.
  • You need your password for your Gmail!
  • If it expires this summer, you =  😥
  • Or use:

Password Reset

3. Set up Google Drive Folder (3 mins.)

Share it with steven.chisnell@royaloakschools.org. Name the folder “LastNameFirstName APLit,” please. The summer essay will be turned in here. Follow the tutorial for help.

4. Download the Summer Activities PDF (2 mins.)

See the Summer Project link on the AP Literature page. Use the web page or download the PDF or print it.

This was also already mailed to you.

5. Wait for E-Mails and Books

I will then send an email to you before June ends. Links to find eBooks will be included.


Alice Resources Flatland Resources
Complete these set-up tasks by June 12.
Total set-up time: about 25 minutes
Total happiness: boundless