AP Lit Summer 2019





Welcome to the Summer Work Page for AP Literature!

Here is the best place to keep track of all you are required to do (and note the consequences of not doing it!). My goal is to give you a taste of the course before the fall, check your work ethic a bit, and to prepare you for the skills and tech-approach I use for the course. We actually begin our curriculum here, so what you learn will be relevant to us keeping the class on schedule as we get going in the fall.  All work for the summer will count as scores in the first marking period report card.



Read  Flatland, (Opt. one additional novel)
Moodle Approx. 2 hours online work by Aug. 24 (plus extra credit options)
Chisnell.com Forum 10 substantive posts by Aug 24
Essay On Flatland, by Sept. 3



Getting Set Up


To Do List by June 3


Make sure you are prepared for the summer work ahead.  Get all of this done!

  1. Make sure you have a copy of Flatland (Free download).
  2. Change your password on a school computer.  You want your regular school password for Gmail (and Moodle) to work through the summer!
  3. Take the Survey on Expectations.
  4. Enroll in the Moodle course, The End of Theory .
  5. Download the packet that explains the summer work.
  6. Set up your Google Drive Folder.

Completed So Far:

Read the novel Flatland


You’ve received a copy of the book. Review the resources and complete the novel in July. Then compose the required essay by the first day of school. Flatland will form a foundation for much of our discussion through the year.

  • July:  Read the novel, annotating as you wish
  • August 15: Optional Flatland essay-writing workshop, 10-12, Room 105 (probably!)
  • August 24: Post your ideas about the novel and your paper in the chisnell.com Forum
  • Sept. 3:  Essay due in Google Drive folder by midnight


Chisnell.com Discussion Forum


You’ll need a chisnell.com UserName and password for this.  Set it up in the survey below.

The forums are a place not just to demonstrate what you’re learning and thinking, but they are the best place for us to help each other understand the tougher concepts from the course. You’ll post here regularly, so experiment with the features. You may always post up to 150% of the requirement to earn extra-credit or make up for previous missing posts.

All posts should be substantive. Substantive posts generally demonstrate that you understand the concept or part of the reading you are talking about (have quoted text, accurate paraphrases of idea, etc.) and that you have an original thoughtful idea about it. Questions count if followed by hypotheses; replies to others definitely count! The goal is thoughtful, constructive discussion in a welcoming environment!

  • August 24: Post 10 substantive ideas on any active forum.
  • Posts after August 24 will count towards the Sept. 6 Forum score


Moodle / The End of Theory


Most of the “typical class learning” you will do is on Moodle, a place of online practice, small lessons, writing workshops, and extra resources that will improve your score on the May Exam.

The End of Theory is the name of our Moodle course, actually an online game. While your success at the game will never impact your class grade, you will learn a great deal about our class concepts from your activity in it.

  1. Enroll in the course by June 4 to be sure you can access the work there.
  2. August 13: Optionally attend the Poetry Workshop to help you with the exercises, 10-12 in Room 105
  3. August 24: Complete the required Moodle work from The Prologue
  4. Sept; 13: BONUS Work: complete the work required of the August novel
 Learn More

Note:  Your Gmail/school username and password will always automatically work on Moodle! UserName is “roylastnamefirstinitialnumber” but no @rosd.org.


The August Novel


As a Bonus, choose one (or more!) of the August novels to work with. Indicate your plans to read an August novel on Moodle by August 25. This will allow you three areas to build extra credit going into the school year:

  1. You will have more places to post ideas on the chisnell.com Forums.
  2. You will have more places to learn and show your learning on Moodle with a Sept. 13 due date for that work.
  3. You can write an extra paper for Sept. 13 to build your skills.

And yes, you can do this for multiple novels!  This year’s choices:

  • Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace
  • Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange
  • Kate Chopin, The Awakening
  • Ursula K. LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness
  • Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse-Five
  • Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Gabriel Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude


AP Couth Nights


About once each month, we’ll look for some uncommon theater or musical experience to optionally go to.  Each experience is unique (dance, multi-media, cuisine, etc.) and each venue is different.  Take the survey to offer some preferences on what you’d like to try!



Keeping in Touch


The worst part about summer is thinking you can’t communicate.  Not possible!  There are dozens of ways to find me this summer, and there are some that work more readily than others:

Some Key Dates:

  • July 13-22:  I’m around the Carribean. Mostly online most days.
  • July 25 – Aug 6:  Road trip to find Bigfoot. In and out of communication. But watch for my vlog!
  • Aug 16-19: Out of town and off the grid!

  • August 13:  Optional Poetry Workshop, 10-12, Room 105
  • August 15: Optional Flatland Workshop, 10-12, Room 105
  • August ??:  Perhaps an early Couth Night to Shakespeare in the Park performance
  • August 24: D-Day for most summer assignments

And still other ways to contact me, even through this website . . . !