Paper Trails…

After the 2018 Straw Wars, many environmentalists are looking at all of the smaller items that are ubiquitous in our daily lives but actually impact the natural world and our health in significant ways.  Another campaign is against store receipts. a simple daily act that has no current reason to exist: modern registers and marketplaces always keep records of purchases electronically, and our own records can (and perhaps should) be kept this way, as well.

Green America in the fall of 2018 points out that receipts like those from CVS Drugs (a store I use for prescriptions and such) not only has needlessly long receipts (too true!), but that these are actually toxic for health!  I think I’ll be changing how I receive those receipts! (Green American, btw, sees the attack on straws itself as problematic. Here’s why.)

In almost every case for every store today, it’s just a matter of asking for electronic copies instead!

Want to Campaign Against CVS Slips?

Campaign active through 2018 calendar year.