The Basics


To write true memories from your life to discover some significance personally or for others


Class → Talks on topics; but larger audiences, too. As you decide upon an audience outside of class, consider the form/platform/language choices you will adopt. 

Multiple audiences = multiple forms/approaches = possible additional Standards hit


Written aspect will form a class book; artwork or other forms possible; Private Option keeps it from publication

Possible formats include: Video, Paper, Podcast, Artwork, Graphic Novel, Letter, Creative Wrtg, Photographic Essay


2nd Hr:

  • Nov 1 – Final 
  • Nov 4+ – Presentations and talks

3rd & 5th Hrs:

  • Nov. 1 – Draft Complete
  • Nov 4-7 Window of due dates;
  • Nov. 5-8+ Issues Talks


All four ELA 11 rubrics will be used => Four different scores/grades and a holistic final score will be given


If you wish to make changes to these directions, check with Mr. Chisnell first.


To be successful on the rubrics of Form and Organization, Evidence and Support, Analysis and Commentary, and Control of Language, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Text is likely the best approach, whether written or oral. Photographic essays and artwork are good choices if you are inclined, but they will likely not be able to exist without text.
  2. A typed version of the text will be necessary for inclusion in the class book. That will also include a Title and MLA format for labeling essays. (We may make entries in the book itself anonymous, though!)
  3.  Keep the camera lens on your life/memories small, like a zoomed in effect. The larger and more general your topic, the less successful you will be.
  4. Think about your language choices, selection of details, and the meaning of those details as you write. What must be included and where will audiences outside of your memory need more detail?
  5. Word counts and lengths below are guidelines. Please do not waste your time counting words and worrying that you’re 50 words under or 200 over.

Some length guidelines:

Written memoir, essay or story750-1250 words is a good range for the size of this project (3-5 pages MLA format, 2x-spaced)
Podcast / Video recordingUnless you are adding dramatized scenes or animation, 6-10 minutes
Poetry, song, or similarSingle-spaced format; 60-100 lines. May be multiple poems. Song performances perhaps 3-4 minutes
Artwork or photographsImagine a gallery or sequence that reveals the memory, perhaps of 15-20 images photographed or 1/2 this if drawn
Mixed of the aboveUse your best judgment here, but feel free to insert images into text, add text to artwork, etc. Communicate your truth. 
October 9Topic ChosenGoogleForm10 pts
October 11Format and Challenges ConsideredGoogleForm15 pts
October 11, 14Outline CheckIn Class25 pts
Oct 14Partial Draft to Moodle Workshop for commentsMoodle Online150 pts on Moodle Level 1B
Oct 22Workshops of Rough DraftsIn Class50 pts

Oct 29, Hr. 2

Nov 1, Hrs 3 & 5

Full Rough Draft CompleteIn Class100 pts
Nov. 1Final Draft Complete, Hr. 2Google Drive Folder400 pts
Nov 4-7Final Draft Complete, Hrs 3 & 5Google Drive Folder

Still to Come

  • Producing Our Book
  • Issues Talks

Our Class Book

Leadership Roles (Creative Work Standard)

 2nd Hr3rd Hr5th Hr
Layout Editor  Rheanna T
Copy Editor   
Art Editor   
PublisherMichael G Emma S
Art Design   


Details on how to format and submit your chapter to our book will follow.

  • Editors will meet in class periodically to create the expectations for the publication.