Offer an analysis of a (sub)culture and its value differences from “American mainstream” culture. What are some of its core values and where do these values conflict or raise ethical questions?

Form:Multi-media Presentation digitally presented
Authorship:Individual or Group

Researched and MLA-cited from

  • Our anchor text, Things Fall Apart
  • One or more of the International Docs (see below)
  • One or more of our Supplemental Sources (see below)
Length:5-6 minutes for first presenter, +2-3 minutes per additional presenter
  • Focus and Organization
  • Detail and Support
  • Analysis and Commentary
  • Control of Language
Previous Knowledge/Experience:ELA9 TED Talk

Supplemental Documents:

We’ll go through some of these in class. The rest are yours to explore on your own as you read Achebe and create the Culture Constructions project. You should reference no less than one from each of these boxes as well as the novel itself.

Supplemental Docs

For Achebe:

For Literature:

For History and Philosophy:


Proposed FormatResearch Possible?Individual Connections Possible?
Introduction to the Sub-culture x
Main Attributes / Qualities / Beliefsx 
Samples and Examples of Values in Practicexx
Tensions and Conflictsx 
Samples and Examples of Conflictsxx
The Ethics and Values Questions Raisedxx