The Research Project

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The Challenge

Create an original, researched-based series of writings that satisfies the needs of the audience you choose. This is a personally-motivated exploration of ideas, not necessarily a formal academic essay. However, you will demonstrate the accurate use of a variety of sources across a range of genres of writing. In the end, expect to showcase your work either publicly, in direct action, or through our class Exhibition.

Workshop Dates

Many Options!

Workshop for:SubmissionsAssessments
Section 1 – A5/75/13
                  – B5/105/16
Section 2 – C5/145/20
                   – D5/175/23
Section 3 – E5/215/28
                   – F5/246/1
Make-up – G5/276/3
                   – H6/16/6


  *Did you miss a deadline?  It actually shouldn’t matter which workshop you drop your section in, so long as you watch and get feedback from it.  Please do offer feedback to anyone in any workshop!

The Requirements

  • A three-part series of writings across a single topic and rhetorical purpose, completed across several weeks.
  • A single title for the series; sub-titles for each section.
  • Each section is 4-8 paragraphs long and a different genre of writing.
    • History/ChronicleReflectionIllustrationExpose
      Definition of IssuesExpositionDescriptionFutures/Action
  • Each section has at least three sources.
  • The entire series will have at least six different sources.
    • At least two sources will be non-internet.
    • At least one of the above non-internet sources will be original or primary research
      • Traditional secondary researchInternet articles, essays, blogs, etc. which all pass the CRAAP test.
        Literary researchStories, poems, songs which enlighten a topic
        Primary researchOriginal articles, letters, official documents, etc.
        Original researchSurveys, Interviews, Experiments
        Non-text researchArtwork, video and film, architecture, etc.
        Transfer researchSources found from other classes.

      The entire series will be “published” for an audience beyond family and classroom!

Research Series How To

What is an Expose0:15
Draft Overview & Style Ideas3:15
Citing Sources w/ CloudCite9:15
In-Text Citations13:30
Inserting Photos14:45
Headers & Formatting18:45

Research Series How To #2

Futures/Action Genre0:05
Intro Writing & Style Tips4:00
Organizing Sources 8:00
Adding & Citing Photos9:45
Adding & Citing Video12:50

Bambi in Boyland

Chisnell’s 2004 Series

How Sweet It Is: American Original Sin

Zach's Zombie Survival Guide

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