And my problem was that I always tried to go in everyone’s way but my own. I have also been called one thing and then another while no one really wished to hear what I called myself. So after years of trying to adopt the opinions of others I finally rebelled. I am an invisible man.


Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man





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ChapterSection of NovelRead By
Prologue –The End is the BeginningTues. 9/11
Ch. 1SmokerTues. 9/18
Chapters 2-6IM at College: Norton & Trueblood; Golden Day; Barbee; BledsoeFri. 9/21
Chapters 7-9North for Dignity:  Vet; EmersonFri. 9/27
Chapters 10-11World of Work:  Liberty Paint; Brockway;Hospital ResurrectionTues. 10/2
Chapters 12-15Transitions:  Mary Rambo; Oration; Brother JackTues. 10/9
Chapters 16-24The Brotherhood: Tod Clifton; Ras the Exhorter; Tarp; Wrestrum; the “Woman Problem;” Funeral; Rinehart; The SybilTues. 10/23
Chapter 25The RiotsThurs. 11/1
EpilogueThe End is the BeginningFri. 11/2


Ralph Ellison: A Quick Biography