Poetry Presentations

Round Two Directions : 2nd Semester

For Round 2, choose a poem from The Norton Anthology or your own source which has literary value.  Design three multiple choice questions and one Q1 essay prompt for your presentation and present them to the class for discussion in some form (handouts or other display).
 Multiple Choice:
  • Five choices, each believable/possible
  • One correct choice which is undeniable
  • Each choice roughly of same length in words and same pattern
  • No “None of the above,” “Both A & C,” etc.
  • Test vocabulary through the questions stems and choices
  • Focus on tone, theme, effects of literary devices; use previous models for ideas

Essay Question:

  • Think of how literary technique leads to effect.
  • Effects include tone/attitude, theme, or speaker psychology
  • Techniques include lists of items such as structure, diction, imagery, syntax, etc.