Our Literary Show!

The Breakdown

Once per semester (or more, if you want!), you will be part of a group of 3-5 people who will stage a podcast around one of our issues or questions. This might be a novel or short story, a topic of exploration, etc.  Your podcast will be 4-6 minutes/person (So a 4 person group will present 16-24 minutes).  

But some preparation is required!  Each of you must bring a separate pre-read source to the talk so you have something “evidence-based” to bring to the talk! Your grade will be based upon your equal contribution to the discussion, your use of that source to provide quality to the talk, and how well you work to bring the group to a new understanding. 

Recordings can happen during class or before or after school or lunch. Sign up on The Perch Recording Calendar. 

  • Minimum requirement: One podcast per semester
  • Maximum restriction: Not more than two podcasts in one week

Beyond this, you can adopt whatever approach you wish to achieving your aim, but remember that this podcast will be published to the general public!