Our Literary Show!

The Big Show

Once per semester (or more, if you want!), you will be part of a group of 3-5 people who will stage a podcast around one of our novels.  Your podcast will be 4-6 minutes/person (So a 4 person group will present 16-24 minutes).  This is an open, free-wheeling discussion about what we’re reading, focused around a central and pointed question that your group explores. You can decide on the question or I can choose for you.

You’ll select a class period to record, and the grade you receive will replace one week of forum posts.

  • Minimum requirement: One podcast per semester
  • Maximum restriction: Not more than two podcasts in one week

Prep as you wish, use books as you wish, etc. but don’t think of this as reading scripts.  It’s a literary and thoughtful book talk that focuses on some idea/issue that we never got to in class.  Some good sample questions:

  • If Square is supposed to be enlightened in the Flatland, why does he still limit women?  Is Abbott sexist?
  • How much does education limit the way we think vs. broaden our thinking: looking at Flatland schools.
  • What euphemistic language does Abbott use to explain the Color Revolt and why?

Beyond this, you can adopt whatever approach you wish to achieving your aim, but remember that this podcast will be published to the general public!