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Our Fall Independent Reading!

Together the ELA 11 teachers are reading some books and talking about them, even producing responses.  Join us!  

Choose a fiction or non-fiction work (of appropriate reading level) that you are interested in reading. During the Spring closure, we read the Ray Bradbury novel. Fahrenheit 451 and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  Some of our resources and notes are below.

Whatever you choose, be prepared to see some Canvas exercises and approaches that allow you to demonstrate what you are learning/experiencing from the reading.  Better still, choose a title in common with some friends and do this as a reading group of up to 10 people!  But we’ll set a goal of completing the work by mid/late October so we can work on some projects with the work!


Our Recommendations

Choose a Book:

While Reading:

  • Keep a Literary Log, if it helps keep you honest!
  • Keep up with our Canvas exercises along the way which relate to your reading. 
  • Try our the Forums or Practice SAT Questions 
  • Post your reactions on our FlipGrid board:  roela11
  • Share ideas and comments on social media:  #roreads, #roela11

Finished? Try a Project!

  • Here is a handout for it. Projects can be done by hand or with technology. Submit to me by Canvas.
    • As a writer, create a fictional interview with a character from the book. 
    • Write a traditional analysis. What is the book saying about people or the world? What themes does it argue for?
    • Create a comic strip or a storyboard for the events in the story.  OR Create a children’s story. 
    • Reader’s Choice If none of these projects is a good fit for you, you may propose a project that uses your unique talents to demonstrate your understanding of the book that you read. If your teacher approves your written proposal, you may do it instead of choosing one of the options on this handout.


Due:  Nov. 5

Grades:  Various across Canvas; final project expected


Examples of Approaches (to follow):


Why Bradbury's 451?

451 Reactions - Part One
TED Talks Answer: Why Read?
Bradbury Predicted Fake News

Why Malcolm X?

From Biography

From Turkish Broadcasting

Reaction - Chs 1-3

Marcus Garvey