June 26 - July 17, 2018

The Trip

ROMUN and Interact embark on our most ambitious trip to date, a three-week service and safari experience in Tanzania. The trip will be challenging: students will live in simple accommodations, eat traditional African foods, and work alongside local people in a variety of projects and activities.

Because of the length of travel time and cost of flights, we opted for a longer trip experience than usual to keep the overall trip cost/day down.

This page will have the most up-to-date and accurate information on the trip. Join us!


Application Deadline









  • $3395 + Airfare (approx $1800)
  • Visa Costs ($100)
  • Immunizations & Trip Insurance extra
  • $200 non-refundable deposit due with application


Because of the nature of the trip, we are limited to 20 total travelers. Travelers should have some previous international travel experience, have demonstrated commitment on the ROMUN team or in Interact, and have been on at least one overnight trip with one of those clubs. Preference for seats is given in this order:

  1. Club advisors
  2. Students
  3. ROHS Staff and experienced ROMUN/Interact chaperones
  4. New parent chaperones or immediate student family over 21 years
  5. ROMUN and Interact alumni
Interest MeetingsGet your questions answered pre-sign-up!May 17, June 1, June 13, Sept 11
Application DeadlineAll travelers on board!September 15
      Visas, payment schedule details  Fall 2017
Passports SecuredMust be valid until Jan 20, 2019 or later Jan 30
Vaccines, medical appts completed March 15
Medical Information and PEA Form Complete May 1
      Packing and transportation detailsSpring 2018
Send-Off Party! tba
TripJune 26 – July 17