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TBA! A Model UN and Interact Advocacy Trip

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This section of the site covers all my larger trips with and without students.  These are only bits and pieces, though!  If you would like to know more about the trips or see more photos, let me know. 

Recent Trip Posts

A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging

COLLIN SHARPE — As the days passed, it became clearer that funerals in rural Tanzania are a product of something far more profound in Tanzanian culture: an emphasis on recognizing, respecting, and caring for each individual.

America, Have Respect!

America, Have Respect!

ABBY VAN HAITSMA –…For the next two hours, we watched (and tried to help), mesmerized at all the work that was being done just to prepare a local meal for us. This is just one example of the respect and thought that locals here have for food.

Where We’re Going

Where We’re Going

STEVE CHISNELL — There have been numerous efforts to forge a unity inside that nation-state status, to either describe the common traits they share (among 120+ tribes/ethnicities and equal number of languages spoken) or to legally bind policy claims to that identity.

Trips to be added:

   1999:     Ireland2000:  Scotland2001: Italy/Greece   2002:     Japan   2003:  Alaska, Canada2003: Hungary2004: Costa Rica2005: India and Ladakh2006: Scandinavia
2007: Dominica    2008:      China    2008:   Iceland2009: Northern Ireland     2009:      Nepal2009: American  Road Trip I     2010:       Peru 2011: Cuba & Belize  2012:    Turkey
2013: Guatemala2013: American Road Trip 2    2014:    Hawaii2015: Costa Rica2016: Cuba2016: Italy2017: Peru2018: Tanzania2019:    Bigfoot Hunt   (Pacific NW)
2020: Eastern Europe

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