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TBA! A Model UN and Interact Advocacy Trip

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This section of the site covers all my larger trips with and without students.  These are only bits and pieces, though!  If you would like to know more about the trips or see more photos, let me know. 

Recent Trip Posts

Use Everything

Use Everything

JENNIFER CROTTY — Here in front of us was the logging industry of Tanzania. We could see hundreds of logged trees, ready for transport to the mill nearby. Men worked together to load logs onto the bed of a well-weathered pickup truck, far down the mountain.

A Modern Babel

A Modern Babel

HENRY SMITH — Tanzanian secondary school and beyond is taught exclusively in English, to the point where students are punished for speaking other languages.

The End of Our Trek

The End of Our Trek

TAMMY RISTAU — This is not like hiking in Michigan, we were walking up and down steep trails in the Usambara mountains. I slipped and fell 3 times one day, but got up, laughed at myself, and continued trekking.

Trips to be added:

   1999:     Ireland 2000:  Scotland 2001: Italy/Greece    2002:     Japan    2003:  Alaska, Canada 2003: Hungary 2004: Costa Rica 2005: India and Ladakh 2006: Scandinavia
2007: Dominica     2008:      China     2008:   Iceland 2009: Northern Ireland      2009:      Nepal 2009: American  Road Trip I      2010:       Peru  2011: Cuba & Belize   2012:    Turkey
2013: Guatemala 2013: American Road Trip 2     2014:    Hawaii 2015: Costa Rica 2016: Cuba 2016: Italy 2017: Peru 2018: Tanzania 2019:    Bigfoot Hunt   (Pacific NW)
2020: Eastern Europe

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