Escape Tools: Lockpicks – 20%

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Get a 20% chance to escape a failed Puzzle’s penalty.

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Escape Tools help AFTER you fail a Puzzle. In other words, you can try the Puzzle and, if you fail to solve it, then you can use the Escape Tool to prevent punishment or penalties. (If the Puzzle has no Penalties or Traps, you have no need to use the Escape Tool.)


  1. Using an Escape Tool does not give you the benefits of solving the Puzzle like a Key does. It only prevents the Penalty.
  2. There is only a % chance that any given Escape Tool will get you out of the Puzzle Penalty. It’s not a guarantee.

If you own the Escape Tool and fail a Puzzle, a determination will automatically be made to see if you escape the penalty. If you do, there is an equal percentage chance that you will keep the Escape Tool for later use.

Lockpicks, therefore give you a 20% chance of escaping a penalty. After you escape, there is a 20% chance you will be able to keep it for later.


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