Crowing Our Successes

Course Newsletter Production

The Challenge

Create a digital newsletter which covers two weeks of our course (all hours) that can be emailed to our class, parents, administrators, and interested others. It should be interesting, informative, and have a decent balance between tightly-worded text and media.

ELA11 Standards:

AP Lit Standards:

ToK Standards:

Creative WorkCreative WorkPresentation Standard?
Primary ResearchPoetry Standard?Essay Standard?
Others?Others?Journal Entry


Some Recommendations

  1. Article Subject Lines are Cool
  2. Personalization: Make it yours (+personality!)
  3. Four or more from these:
    1. Class Calendar of Important Dates
    2. Looking Back
    3. Looking Forward
    4. Sample Writing or Project
    5. Feature Article on Class Topic
    6. Oddity/Weird Fact/Concept from Class
    7. Pics or Video
    8. Other audience-relevant feature

Formats Possible:

  • MailChimp-style Newsletter (see below)
  • Prezi, Infographic, or similar embeddable production
  • Vlog or other visual
  • Other with approval

Formats Not Permitted:

  • Document without visuals or media
  • Unrecorded report or audio-only
  • Anything that cannot be sent through email



Get Started

Week One
  1. Sign up for a time frame
  2. Review previous newsletters for size and format
  3. Plan your features

Collect Info

Weeks One-Two
  1. Gather info, survey & interview
  2. Take photos or other media creation
  3. Draft articles

Design & Refine

Weeks Two-Three
  1. Work on design
  2. Fit articles to length needs
  3. Build links and buttons
  4. Fit and test media
  5. Check ideas with Chisnell

Publish & Send!

Week Four
  1. Proofread 4x!
  2. Send test email and check links
  3. Promote via social media
  4. Hit the Send Button!

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