The AP Literature E-Book

The entire course made portable

Why an E-Book?


Beyond the environmental savings, the AP Lit Coursepack started to top 170 pages of original material and alumni have repeatedly said that it was a valuable tool for college, as well.  These were reasons enough to make it available in 2014 as a text suitable for most e-readers.

We will use the text at different and unpredictable times through the year, so having ready access to it will be important. It’s more of a toolbox for course survival and May Exam preparation than a page-turner, a reference that we will pick up as our discussion demands it.  Download it in your favorite format and keep it handy!


Note: Several parts of this eBook currently discuss the 9-point grading scale for AP Literature. That scale is now obsolete and should be ignored. I will update the eBook in the next year or two. Sorry!

E-Pub Fomat This is the format for Kobo, Kindle, Blackberry, Nooks, Google Books, Sony, and Adobe Digital Readers
MOBI Format MOBI is the standard for Open eBook formats, most smartphones, and Amazon Kindle
PDF Format The most common format for general reading across multiple devices.
HTML Format A format suitable for all web browsers. (Currently image errors on this version)

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