Episode 6: “Come Out, Come Out”

I’ve put this off long enough. I’m going to face this thing . . .

Episode 5: “It Falls Apart”

I have to tell the stories about what happened to the rest of the Secret Raven crew; and how no one will do anything about it.

Trailer #2

Kimmy prepares for the final two episodes of The Secret Raven. Catch up before they air!

Episode 4b: “In the Dark”

I’m uploading the clip of our overnight adventure we didn’t include in Episode 3.

Episode 4: “Steps”

I decide to keep the podcast going, even though the others have stopped. I need you to hear what I am hearing in the ceiling.

Episode 3: “After Dark”

Are there ghosts at ROHS? The best way to find out is joining us . . .

Episode 2: “It’s In The Walls”

Cara uncovers the truth about asbestos inspections. Don finds a connection to bad wifi signals.

Episode 1: “The Secrets Below”

Trin and Jim explore the tunnels to discover a horror. Don considers the swamp beneath us.

Trailer #1

What is The Secret Raven? Get ready for our May 4 premiere!


*The Secret Raven recommends the use of headphones for listening to our episodes.*

A horror serial podcast which promises to uncover some of the secret history of Royal Oak High School. 
We’re Donovan, Trini, Jim, Cara, and Kimmy. That’s all. Just five students with more than just ambition to find what’s hidden.
Our first three episodes drop May 4, 2018, with about one episode per week afterwards.
Because Panoply’s The Message. Because someone needs to talk about this.
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We’re excited to tell you about what we’ve learned this season! We know that not everyone will believe us, so be sure to check out the show notes and let us know what you think. 


The Secret Raven is was
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Kimmy RobertsAudio Editor

The Secret Raven would not be possible without the support of awesome producers of sound and substance! Our thanks and appreciation to: 


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