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Episode 1: Video Games

Our premier episode opens with the topic of video games!

Episode 2: Music

We reviewed 5 different songs on 5 different genres…

Episode 3: Books

Our third episode reviews the fun of books and how good they are…

Episode 4: Movies

For our last episode of season 1, we review movies…

It might surprise you, but ASMR isn’t what you think it is. Our podcast is full of just reviews, no ASMR. We made four episodes that review four different topics: Video Games, Music, Books, and Movies. If you like listening to people rant about certain things, then I guess you came to the right place! From the Perch Studio comes ASMR Reviews. Thank you for enjoying Season 1 of ASMR Reviews.


Emily Birnbaum: Host/Script Writer/Social Media

Ben Govaere: Host/Sound Editor/Website Editor

Tyler Cattini: Host/Social Media

Kia Blysniuk: Host/Artist

Margie Swanney: Host/Commercial Maker

Music By:

Kevin Macleod

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