RO Justice & Organizing Workshop Series

    • Jan. 25, 2020
    • Feb. 8, 2020
    • Feb. 29, 2020
    • March 7, 2020


Key Details

Contact Person Mr. Chisnell
Dates  See above; all workshops include a 9:30am breakfast and a 10am-12 workshop
Work Workshop participation to inform later projects
Invited Sign up below!
Cost  $5 for each workshop or $12 for the entire 4-part series

What We’re Doing

Partnering with RO Interact alumnus Bridget Vial and the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition, Interact is heading up a four-part social justice and community development workshop series which will challenge our ideas of service.

The series will help our student leaders develop a critical lens – one rooted in understandings of identity, power, privilege, and systems – for thinking about the issues that Interact works to address.

All Interact students and ROHS students leaders are encouraged to participate in one or all four of the workshops.

The Details!

The Royal Oak Justice & Organizing (RO-JO) series is a crash course for young people seeking to make change in Royal Oak High School and beyond. It’s an introduction to thinking critically about our own experiences in a world full of injustice, and about how we leverage our personal and collective power to create change.

This is a Popular Education workshop series. We will learn together by sharing our personal experiences, listening to each other, drawing conclusions, and challenging those conclusions. 

Our Identities impact on our personal experiences. 

Examples of identities: Gender, age, race, class, physical and mental ability status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, religion

We all hold identities that are visible and invisible to the people around us, ones that are privileged and ones that are oppressed. You are a mix (the “intersection”) of your identities. You are more than your identities. Our identities shape our personal stake in creating change.

Organizing is utilizing our relationships to create change. It’s a Visionary approach.

The workshop facilitators are 23-30 year olds, graduates of ROHS, Berkley HS, Ferndale HS, and Cranbrook, who are now engaged in social change work in the Detroit area. They’re excited to get to know you because they wish they’d learned this stuff in high school. 

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Our Notes from the Workshops:

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