Have an Idea?

What We Do

We’re always looking for new ideas for Projects and Causes! Here are some things to think about when proposing an idea to our officers:

  • Is the cause legitimate and vetted?
  • Does the project have several of these?:
    • A need beyond mere fundraising?
    • An educational/public awareness component?
    • An advocacy component?
    • An activity or event that can be staged?
    • A partner organization(s) to work with?
    • Have a low-cost or reasonable upfront cost (in funds, work, etc.)?
    • A means to include more students beyond Interact students alone?
    • A component of fun or fulfillment?
    • The ability to broaden to larger community, nation, or world?
  • Has it been done before?
  • Does it fit into our current project calendar?
  • Is it different in a key way from current projects?

Key Details

Contact Person  Who will take the lead?
Dates When will it fit our calendar?
Work  What does it involve?
Invited  How do we get others involved?


How Many Can Get Involved?

How Many Hours Can We Give?


How Much Gets to the Cause?

Is it Photo Worthy?

Want to Get Involved?