New Orleans, Louisiana

February 2018

What We Did

For years, so many in the New Orleans area have been beaten down by floods and hurricanes. We know what to do for those whose homes are destroyed, but what of those whose homes somehow “survive” year and year and yet the homeowners do not have the resources or capacity to repair them or even maintain them? We sent 79 students to the lower 9th Ward and Delacroix areas to help a few people return their homes to a place of comfort, of “homeyness.”

Key Details

  • Students  79 students
  • Dates  February 2018
  • Work  Home repair and restoration
NOLA Bound

NOLA Bound

What does it require to survive 17 storms in the last 12 years? 21 in the last 20? I hope once again for us to learn from them, to gain some perspective, to help where we can.

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