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Destination ChosenThanksgiving, 2020
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This Year's Trip

  • February 16-22. 2020
  • Place: New Bern, NC
  • Work: Hurricane/Flood relief
  • Scott from New Bern welcomes us back!


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  •  Equipment Needs
  • Safety Issues
  • Skills
  • Chaperoning
  • More!

Handouts and Emails

Lost and Found

Collect these by March 13, please!

  • Bath towel, orange
  • Bath towel, white
  • US Dive and Rescue pullover
  • 5 pairs of workgloves (as pictured)
  • Portable charger (identify company to claim)
  • Jennifer Crotty
  • Shaving/grooming kit, men’s
  • Blue helmet
  • DVD: Monsters Inc
  • DVD: Lilo & Stitch
  • iPhone charger and cord
  • Canyon workboots
  • Unisex M blue pullover
  • Referee vest
  • Michigan baseball cap
  • Pink transparent water bottle
  • Blue water bottle (Folger)
  • DVDs: Zavislak
  • Camera – Skaleski
NOLA Bound

NOLA Bound

What does it require to survive 17 storms in the last 12 years? 21 in the last 20? I hope once again for us to learn from them, to gain some perspective, to help where we can.

New Experiences and (Lasting) Lessons

New Experiences and (Lasting) Lessons

Jocelyn Nitta, Alexandra Roberts, and Mackenzie Blackwell meet new opportunities, open hearts, and lasting lessons. This year is my third year coming onto this trip, and every time it is a completely new experience. I absolutely love coming on this trip, not just for...

New Friendships and Old Ones Rediscovered

New Friendships and Old Ones Rediscovered

Harrison Hyland, Josh Boal, and Claire Stanley relate the importance of the connections they've made amid the work and rain.   I’m under a lot of pressure writing this blog. Mr. Chisnell and I got in a spat at the horse farm the other day so I need to earn his...

Hard Work and Harder Rains

Hard Work and Harder Rains

Emily Belford and Isabella LaPorte work through the rain and mud to keep the job going.  So far the weather has been comfortable enough for us to work in. But today it rained, A lot. My group is working on rebuilding fences and cleaning up the debris for a horse...

First Impressions and Lasting Ones

First Impressions and Lasting Ones

Maya Longe and Erin Thomas find how the smaller experiences make for both annoyance and pleasure. If I am going to be completely honest, I was more nervous than excited to go on the relief trip. This being my first year I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy myself....

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