Key Dates

Destination ChosenThanksgiving, 2020
Orientation Mtgs 
Reserving a Spot 
Final Payment Due 
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Trip Dates 

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This Year's Trip

  • February 16-22. 2020
  • Place: New Bern, NC
  • Work: Hurricane/Flood relief
  • Scott from New Bern welcomes us back!


Our sponsorship program can raise hundreds of dollars!  Follow the directions and get assertive!



  •  Equipment Needs
  • Safety Issues
  • Skills
  • Chaperoning
  • More!

Handouts and Emails

Lost and Found

Collect these by March 13, please!

  • Bath towel, orange
  • Bath towel, white
  • US Dive and Rescue pullover
  • 5 pairs of workgloves (as pictured)
  • Portable charger (identify company to claim)
  • Jennifer Crotty
  • Shaving/grooming kit, men’s
  • Blue helmet
  • DVD: Monsters Inc
  • DVD: Lilo & Stitch
  • iPhone charger and cord
  • Canyon workboots
  • Unisex M blue pullover
  • Referee vest
  • Michigan baseball cap
  • Pink transparent water bottle
  • Blue water bottle (Folger)
  • DVDs: Zavislak
  • Camera – Skaleski
Making Changes

Making Changes

Sarah Skaleski (Class of 2020) meets some of the NOLA community and considers change.

Contact Mr. Chisnell

This page should answer most questions.  But if you need additional information, feel free to send a question!  Do identify yourself completely, however, so I know how best to help you!