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The Death of Miles

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The end of ToTS really was packed densely, and I've seen Miles death talked about a few times in other forums but I felt the need to make a separate forum because I feel like this detail in particular is very important. Originally I thought that maybe Miles had seen Quint at the end and had a sudden heart attack, but after reading a few other individuals thoughts, I find that a more probable scenario is that he was suffocated by the governess. If that is the case this is a huge game changer, so I wonder what you guys think the cause of his death was?

Bookworm AP Lit 2021
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I think I've said this in other posts, but I think the governess suffocated Miles in a desperate attempt to "save" him. In the final scene, Miles is described as gasping for air several times, and it always seemed most prominent right after she let go of him. Then, the governess describes his scream as something along the lines of "a monster being hurled into an abyss," which is a very strong description of a cry. It sounds pretty horrifying, so if that's what she heard--whether it was that horrific or not--her instinct was probably to hold onto him as tight as she could. And it is right after this that his heart stops. So this is what leads me to believe that she probably unintentionally suffocated him.


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