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Welcome to The Forums!  Remember, you may post up to 150% of any required number of posts for credit. This summer, therefore, you can post up to 15 times for credit.  In general during the school year, five substantive posts are required by each Friday midnight. Have fun!


Forum check complete for 10/23/20. 

At this point, you should have ~35 total posts for 100%. Remember that you can post up to 8x/week for up to 150% per week, if you need to catch up! On MiStar and elsewhere, know that any points beyond 105% total will be reduced to 105% (District limit on extra-credit!)

Forum Credits (these do roll over to MP2):

  • 3+ credits: Nicole, octavia, persephone, xwing37
  • 2 credits: abuzz, ahayo, aplitstudent, bunkymoo, Carla Tortelli, MangoMan, savhoisington, SnowyYeti, username27, Delphine
  • 1 credit: AnonymousParrot, stella, Jackson Von Habsburg, A2MOEOM2
Maintenance Points:
  1. The first few times you write, your post may be kept in moderation for my review. After that, posts should publish immediately. I just want to be sure who is posting and the substantive value of the post for people new to the forums!
  2. All posts should now be visible on all AP Lit boards. You should be able to post without problems (if you have a working username!). If this is not the case, please write
  3.  Remember that you must be logged in to post! If you do not see your username in the upper right of the page, you are not logged in and your "anonymous" post will not be approved. Are you one of the people who did not get a post approved? Maybe this was the reason. Contact me!
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Nicole Author Failure or Misinterpretation by the Reader? 

By Nicole 7 days ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Class Concepts I
Carla Tortelli Icarus 

By Carla Tortelli 1 day ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

MangoMan Deeper meaning or Nonsense? 

By MangoMan 1 month ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Class Concepts I
Persephone T.S. Eliot and Matthew Arnold 

By Persephone 2 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

The End of Theory
Anonymous Parrot Explain to me what IM is about without using race. GO! 

By Anonymous Parrot 2 days ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Invisible Man
Persephone The Marginalia 

By Persephone 3 days ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

The End of Theory
FRANKLIN Mending Wall 

By FRANKLIN 2 weeks ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Jackson Von Habsburg Invisible Man and Dealing with Trauma 

By Jackson Von Habsburg 2 days ago  |  Last Post: 1 day ago

Invisible Man
Nicole IM's Grandfather's Curse 

By Nicole 1 month ago  |  Last Post: 2 days ago

Invisible Man
Professors? Really? 

By Anonymous 1 month ago  |  Last Post: 2 days ago

The End of Theory
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Forum Reminders:

  • Only Substantive Posts earn credit.
  • Five posts/week earn 100% for that week.
  • Deadlines are Fridays at 11:59 pm.
  • Any single week can earn up to 150%:
    • Six posts = 120%
    • Seven posts = 140%
    • Eight posts = 150%
    • Nine posts = 150%, etc.
  • One successful podcast replaces 5 posts.

Substantive Posts:

  • Are usually several thoughtful sentences in length:
    • Demonstrate that reading was done or a concept is understood
      • Might quote text
    • Express a thoughtful idea about that concept/reading
    • May be questions, but if so, also speculations
  • Are constructive and productive to the discussion
  • Are supportive of other members and their ideas
  • May/should challenge/provoke/take risks in thinking