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Last night I read the interaction between Crow and Johnnie Walker. It left me with some more question about who Crow is. We have said before that we think Crow is a part of Kafka, like a voice that speaks to him. But in this chapter, he appears as an actual crow. So what do we think of this? Could he have just kind of "left" Kafka, so to speak, and now he is appearing where Johnnie Walker is? Where are they anyway? Also what is that flute??? He says that he has some cat flutes from cats that he killed, but have we been given any indication yet about what this flute is? So what are your thoughts about this chapter, whether it is about anything I have brought up or something else you thought while reading it?

Bookworm AP Lit 2021
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I think that this chapter showed us that Crow is maybe a part of something bigger than Kafka. I mean this could be a metaphor somehow about Kafka and Johnnie Walker, but I think that it is more likely that Crow is a separate force. I too do not really understand the cat flute but I assume it is something similar to the entrance stone, something powerful, capable of changing the balance in the world. Johnnie Walker mentioned that he was a soul that was in limbo, that any pain that he felt was not real, that he could not die. I thought it was very bizarre that Crow attacked him, pecking out his eyes and yanking out his tongue. All the while, Johnnie Walker just laughed. So is Johnnie Walker the same as Colonel Saunders in that he is this thing that does not know good from evil? Except it almost seems that he does know good from evil and he has bad intentions. Why do you guys think this chapter was even included? To me, it almost seemed like a bizarre interruption, it was just right in the middle of the end. What do you think is the importance of bringing Johnnie Walker in one last time? What is this scene representing?


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