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"The Mechanical Man...
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"The Mechanical Man" - Golden Day Scence (Spoiler if you haven't read past pg. 71)  

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@jacksonvon I agree with you on this. Norton doesn't care for African Americans he wants to use them as a prop for his conscious and so that other white people see him as charitable and amazing. 

Gnome AP Lit 2021
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I agree that Norton's actions are (whether he's aware of it or not) in the wrong place. In my opinion, Norton is a narcissistic man who treats the narrator as a tally on his scorecard. His actions are not dissimilar to a modern-day celebrity giving a homeless man money or a meal for the sole purpose of filming their "good deed" for the world to see and praise them for. Although he appears to be a sincere, generous man, Norton is simply a new breed of racist. In his case, the things he does is not to better himself or those around him, it's partially to make him look good and partially to satisfy his insatiable need to be the "hero". This, in my opinion, is worse than simply doing nothing at all. 

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@madams43 Yes I agree with your statement but I also think he is blind to himself. Sometimes in situations like that, humans tend to continue to tell themselves they're doing the right thing until they actually believe it and can't possibly fathom otherwise. I think that plays a significant role in Norton's actions other than the environment he is in. As the doc pointed at, he himself is as blind as IM which suggests that Norton doesn't even have a clue the impacts of his actions are. 

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@madams43 I think you made a great point in your post. I think Norton acts like a white savior. He doesn’t really care about the advancement of black people, only about how it makes it him look and how it makes him feel. Instead of helping he is taking advantage of the struggle that black people go through. His “helpful” actions are done for selfish reasons. 

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