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Archetypes in IM  

Anonymous Parrot
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I sort of did something like this last time for allusions but decided to start a thread where we could add archetypes we found throughout the piece. I mean this entire story sort of follows Campbell's monomyth since he finds himself on a quest to realize a truth about his individuality. On that note, I'll start with the one that I found. Dr. Bledsoe fits the "trickster" archetype pretty perfectly. His self-interest and manipulating others white and blacks to maintain his power is what I think makes him a good fit. I'm curious to see what others found. 

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This is a good idea! In that case, I'll add one I've found. Mary is without a doubt the caregiver. She gives IM a place to stay, and shows him empathy. Moreover, I think she may have been the start of IM's journey to understanding his origin a bit better. Mary seems to be the only person thus far that is there for IM 100%, in that she will support him even though she isn't necessarily gaining anything from it. 


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