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Bookworm AP Lit 2021
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@msar I agree with this as well. I think emotion is inevitable no matter what we read as we are emotional beings and can't help but feel even the tiniest bit of emotion. We can't read something and be completely emotionless and objective, no matter the type of reading. This does include informational readings, yes, though the emotion may not be the same as the ones other readings make us feel.

Jackson Von Habsburg
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another thing that I feel like I have an issue with how modernism sucks the emotion out of literature (as is with the modern world itself). I do find this problem with having such a purely scientific view of the world I think you become blind to the beauty of the world and I see this with modernism in literature I think by purely looking at the text and the scientific view of literature I think as Arnold does in that way. While I get not wanting to have the author and reader misconstrued what actually matters about the text but i feel like that just using the text is a issue in analysis 

Gnome AP Lit 2021
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@xwing37 I see what you mean, it's difficult to truly make any assumptions about what life was like during a time where we weren't alive.  I think as much as we look at books or passages from the time, we can learn about what it would be like but never understand what goes through those people's heads.

Gnome AP Lit 2021
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@jacksonvon I agree, having either a pure logical or a pure emotional perspective is not helpful. Modernism falls too strongly on the logical side and sucks the creativity out of the art. Too much negativity only creates more negativity and the lack of life in modernist poems is exhausting. I think modernism can be fine to meddle with a little, but as a theory it doesn't represent literature accurately. It skewers the value of art so far that it discredits valuable expressions.

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