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AP Lit Exam 2020: May 13, 2pm










13 May 20202:00 pm - 2:45 pm
All over AP Lit / AP Lit Assignment

The revised AP Lit Exam date for online


Welcome to AP Literature!  

Find everything for the class here!

Tuesdays, 7-8pm;

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10-11:30am



Upcoming Assignments (below) do not include individual Moodle assignments.  Instead, I will only post Chapter deadlines here; you are responsible for monitoring Workshop deadlines in Moodle on your own,

So What Are We Doing During Closure?

Getting by?  We are continuing to read and think about Murakami. We will have chances to practice the AP Lit Exam.  See much more at the Murakami link below.

Here is my formal letter about our work during the closure. 

What About Moodle and The Forums?

Moodle will have new opportunities for practice, some Murakami resources, and the current chapters remain open. But no work is required there. The Forums will also remain open for your sharing of ideas. I may occasionally post there during the closure.

I Want to Present Poetry and Make Podcasts!

I would still like to do poetry presentations live. So we’ll be taking multiple days in April, most likely. There is a PDF of the Norton anthology in the Student Handouts folder if you want to prep these.

Podcasts are sad not to have, but I can help you record a discussion remotely on your own, if you’d like, or we can schedule a Zoom meeting around a particular poem. 

If you are interested in doing something more formal with poetry or podcasts in the meantime, shoot me an email.

I'm Lonely. Maybe Scared Some, Too.

Me, too!  Join us during my Office Hours or our AP Lit class online. The link and times are above. The Thursday meeting will be recorded, if you can’t make it.

I’ll offer updates for AP Lit Exam particulars shortly. But we’re in good shape, especially with changes College Board is making to help. Let’s relax and learn and talk because we can, not because we have any grades or tests, for once!

What Will the Online AP Exam Look Like?

April 2 Update:

  • May 13, 2:00 pm
  • One Impromptu, Q2, Prose, 45 minutes
  • Handwrite & upload photo or type response
  • Notes & strategies materials okay; but solo work at home
  • Test-submission simulation in late April

More videos and support coming! 

College Board's Poetry Practice #1

Some basics, again, in thinking about poetry:

College Board's Poetry Practice #2

Some basics, again, in thinking about poetry:
The poem referred to.


College Board's Poetry Practice #3

Some basics, again, in thinking about poetry:
The poems referred to.

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