Looking for last minute saves?

There aren’t any.  All you can do, if your grade is suffering, is hunker down these next two weeks and fulfill every requirement put in front of you.  Read, get online, engage the course.

Semester grades are, absolutely and as always, based on the number of successful activities you have completed in reading (Novels and Poetry), in writing (Papers and Impromptus), and in preparation for the exam (Moodle, Discussion, Forums, Podcasts).

Work done during the mid-terms week DOES count as extra, and it will be applied to the semester where it does you the most good.  Posts will apply retroactively to Semester 1 or roll-over to Semester 2. The same is true of extra Moodle points and Ch 9 work.

MID-TERM:  A class day of multiple choice practice exam followed by the mid-term day itself of two impromptus (you decide what combination of Qs 1-3 to write.