The Event:

  • An exchange of Holiday Cards based on name drawn
  • Card is designed as if from a literary character we know
  • Card contains at least 16 lines of original verse
  • Other decoration as appropriate from character
  • A decorated version of the card (anonymous) will be given to student in class
  • An undecorated copy of the card (with your name) will be given to Mr. Chisnell 

Your Grade:

  • How well do you capture the personality of the character without explaining plot, etc.?
  • Standards:
    • Creative Work


The Optional Assignment: Literary White Elephant

  • Bring in a book “Which Should Never Have Been Written”
  • Wrap it in some appropriately tacky way
  • Place under our pagan tree
  • Let the White Elephant exchange begin!
    • Books can be stolen three times (but never by the same person twice)