Tech Tips

Using the Moodle App

The Moodle App can save you a lot of time getting your work done (End of Theory, The Source, Nomads, etc.) and it works fairly well on any smartphone! Download the app on your favorite app store.  Be sure to choose Moodle Mobile since it is the most reliable. Choose...

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Online Attitude Survey

Let me know how you operate online and I can tailor the course closer to our needs!  Complete the survey by Sept. 14 for 25 pts.  Can't see the form?  Try it here!...

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Turning in Papers and Other Major Assignments

Using Google Drive In general, I will comment on and score assignments in the same format in which I receive them.  Moodle assignments on Moodle, hardcopy with handwritten comments, email in response to email, etc. Even so, the best choice for turning in assignments...

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