Poetry Presentations

Teach the Class!

Round One Directions

In 15-25 minutes, offer us a literary poem from our Norton Poetry anthology and run a class discussion analyzing the poem from a single significant and well-crafted question (have some related follow-up questions ready, just in case).  Try to focus in on one specific aspect of the poem:

  • “What is this poem about?”  (Bad, broad question.  No focus.  No thought.)
  • “Why is there a question mark in line 4?” (Is this significant to the larger theme?  Can you sustain a discussion on it?)
  • “What can we learn from the bias of the peom’s speaker?” (Good focus and question, but you spelled ‘poem’ wrong!)

Beyond this, you can adopt whatever approach you wish to achieving your aim, but involving the class in active investigation is always best!

More, you will choose whether or not to offer your presentation to the entire class (generally on Tuesdays) or in smaller groups (generally Thursdays). Expect to end the presentation with some reflection on the success of what you and your class learned.