Poetry Out Loud


Tonsil Practice


Through October and November, we will perform poetry!

As part of the Poetry Out Loud national competition, all freshmen at ROHS will select at least one poem to make their own, to interpret, practice, and perform dramatically for their class hour, or for still larger audiences!


The basic approach:

Thursday, October 25Select Your PoemChoose only from the Poetry Out Loud website
Week of Nov. 1Analyze Your Poem for Tone, ThemeA variety of class exercises and Moodle work
Week of Nov. 7Practice and Workshop Your Poem In class and at home, discover the tone/voice of your poem to communicate meaning
Week of Nov. 7Memorize Your PoemAccuracy is essential!
Nov. 14, 16, & 17 in The RoostPerform for the ClassRubric to follow, but will basically be the POL rubric turned into the 8-point scale
Tuesday evening, Dec. 19Perform Two Poems for School CompetitionFor the 1-2 students in each class hour who “win” the class level performance
tbdPerform Three Poems for Regional/State CompetitionFor the one ROHS student who wins the School Competition