HELA9 Extended Projects


Overview of directions for students working on the Extended Project.

Why An Extended Project?

Long-range planning, collaboration and leadership development, and authentic (often public) productions of projects are all solid reasons for application of ELA skills. By the end of the eight month process (October – April), students will have enacted programs which may be sustained and expanded for years to come.  Along the way, they may hit major Standards in composition, research, and media design along with dozens of minor standards in organization, critical thinking, communication, and others.

Project Details

Organization Student teams of 3-5
Date April 2018
Skills As designed by students: media composition and research, communication, etc.
Work Expectations Friday class periods and homework as assigned by teams


Most HELA9 teams are producing podcasts for 2016-2017. From philosophical debates to conspiracy theories, and from food reviews to dramatic fiction, the spring productions promise something for everyone. Follow us and find your favorite programs in our Studio.

Other Projects

Other Projects this year include website design and Roost events.

Find out more about these developments!

This Year’s Teams

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