Key Dates

Destination ChosenThanksgiving, 2019
Orientation Mtgs Nov. 27, Dec. 3; 6pm, choose one
Reserving a Spot Dec. 11
Final Payment Due Jan. 10
Traveler Mtg Jan. 8, 6pm
Trip Dates Feb. 16-22, 2020

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This Year's Trip

  • February 16-22. 2020
  • Place: New Bern, NC
  • Work: Hurricane/Flood relief
  • Scott from New Bern welcomes us back!


Our sponsorship program can raise hundreds of dollars!  Follow the directions and get assertive!



  •  Equipment Needs
  • Safety Issues
  • Skills
  • Chaperoning
  • More!

Handouts and Emails

 Public Google Drive  Folder
 Registration Packet AltFeb Packet 2020 (pdf)
 Orientation meeting  Slideshow from Orientation Mtg (pdf)
 Email #1 
 Email #2 
 Email #3 
 Tentative Packing List Current List to be updated shortly (pdf)
 January meeting PPT 
 Email #4 
 Contact Sheet 
 Email #5 
 Email #6 

Contact Mr. Chisnell

This page should answer most questions.  But if you need additional information, feel free to send a question!  Do identify yourself completely, however, so I know how best to help you!